RCR Training

It is the expectation of MMRI that all members of the research community will perform their research in accordance with the highest ethical and professional standards. Principal Investigators, as leaders of scientific projects, are responsible for the scientific integrity of work undertaken in their laboratories and for mentoring staff who work on these projects. Educating staff, fellows, and students in research best practices is the foundation for discouraging scientific misconduct and promoting research integrity.RCR training is required of students and trainees supported by National Institutes of Health (NIH) institutional training grants, individual fellowships, and career development awards.RCR training is required of undergraduates, graduate students, and postdoctoral fellows with any National Science Foundation (NSF) support. To allow students and trainees to meet the RCR compliance requirement, MMRI Compliance offers an RCR program that is a combination of live and/or online instruction. Within their first year of NIH or NSF support, students and trainees must attend eight hours of in-person training, in addition to completing the basic CITI online qualifying RCR courses. The NIH also requires individuals with three or more years of NIH training or career award support to complete additional RCR training. This requirement can be fulfilled online by completing three modules (Collaborative Research, Peer Review, and Research Misconduct) of the CITI Program RCR refresher course.The program is administered by Maria Kontaridis, PhD, Executive Director, at MMRI. Dr. Kontaridis delegates instruction to content experts as indicated in the training program. Research Compliance coordinates the training program.

Online Courses – CITI courses: complete modules from the CITI

In-Person Courses

Introduction to Grants                                   1 hour                    Eleanor Kuszmar, MS, Grants Administration

Professional Conduct                                     1 hour                   Kelé Piper, MS, Compliance Officer

Research Misconduct Prevention                 2 hours                 Kelé Piper, MS, Compliance Officer

Data Management                                          1 hour                   Varun Balaji, MS, IT Director

Mentoring                                                         1 hour                  Maria Kontaridis, PhD, Executive Director

Collaborations                                                  1 hour                  Jason McCarthy, PhD, Scientific Operations Manager

Data and Biological Samples                         1 hour                   Jason McCarthy, PhD, Scientific Operations Manager

Regulated Research                                        1 hour                   Kelé Piper, MS, Compliance Officer

Environmental and Lab Safety                      1 hour                   Jason McCarthy, PhD, Scientific Operations Manager

Animal Safety                                                   1 hour                   Damian Bohler, LATG, Animal Facilities Manager