Welcome to the MMRI Flow Cytometry Core

The core possesses a 4 laser, 16 channel BD FACS Symphony A3 flow cytometer with four laser lines 405nm, 488nm, 651nm and, 637nm and a 4 laser, 15 channel BD FACS Aria Fusion cell sorter with 405nm, 488nm, 561nm and 640nm laser lines. As well as software for the analysis of

The protocols on the Flow Core are basic protocols, they may need to be optimized for the users target populations and antibody panel.

The MMRI guide to flow cytometry is linked here and it provides background information on how flow cytometry works, what controls are appropriate and how to begin your experiments.

BD FACS Symphony A3


FlowJo Analysis Software

The core owns and maintains a license to the powerful analysis software FlowJo. This is installed on the core PC and is bookable via the Talen calendar. FlowJo is capable of both basic and advanced analysis on populations of interest, expression of markers, cell cycle analysis, proliferation and apoptosis. Training will depend on the user experiment, to arrange training on the software contact the core.