Purpose and Description

The Masonic Medical Research Institute (MMRI) was established in 1958 as a basic medical research facility. Since its inception, it has gained international prominence for its achievements and contributions to science and medicine. MMRI’s current focus is in the areas of: Experimental Cardiology, Molecular Genetics and Stem Cell Research.

The Summer Fellowship Program generally includes 5 or 6 fellows. Initially, each fellow will be asked to observe the ongoing research projects and become familiar with the methodologies techniques and procedures in use. Students will then be assigned specific duties in order to become more integrally involved in the experimental work. When appropriate, usually during the second summer, the students may be encouraged to undertake an independent research project of his/her choosing. The preceptors and postdoctoral fellows working at the MMRI will serve as consultants and will provide close guidance and daily input for the fellows.