Cardiac Disease

Heart and cardiovascular research have been the cornerstone of Masonic Medical Research Institute since this beginning. Diseases of the heart and cardiovascular system are actually the leading single cause for death in the United States. So when you support our research, you will truly be making a remarkable and positive impact for humanity.

To give or ask about leaving a legacy for cardiac research, please contact Stephen Izzo from the MMRI development team:  (888) 888-6675 or (315) 735-2217

MMRI cardiac research is focused on understanding and resolving some of these areas:

  1. Pediatric heart disease, which is caused by genetic abnormalities that lead to structural abnormalities of the heart.
  2. Cardiac arrhythmias, the abnormal beating of the heart that can lead to sudden cardiac death.
  3. Cardiac inflammation, abnormal infiltration of inflammatory cells to the heart, usually due to viral or bacterial infections, that can lead to myocarditis.
  4. Myocardial infarction (heart attack).
  5. Cardiac fibrosis, the abnormal scarring of the heart usually caused by high blood pressure, diabetes, or myocardial infarct (heart attack).
  6. Epigenetic causes of heart disease, which include non-genetic based consequences of heart disease, such as stress, UV exposure, viral infections, etc.
  7. Cardiomyopathies, an unusual thickening of the heart sometimes caused by genetic mutations or from environmental stressors that can, over time, lead to heart failure.